Hilary Duff Says Pregnancy Changed Her Sex Life

Hilary DuffWell, if you've ever been curious as to what moms think about having sex after giving birth, as good a place as any to start is with a comment made by a celebrity.

And when it comes to post-baby hanky panky, Hilary Duff says "It's definitely different," which pretty much sums things up as far as how most new moms feel.

Oh, and you'll love this. She also added, "I'm so exhausted at the end of each day, so I'm like, 'Can this not happen at night when I'm exhausted?' You find different times to do it." (Yeah. Like never.)

(Guess even celeb moms use the "I'm too tired" excuse.)


When it comes to post-pregnancy sex, I've never understood women who are eager to hop right back into bed when the doctor gives the all-clear around the six-week mark.

And I'll even go one step further, because after I gave birth to my son, I honestly felt like a virgin all over again, to the point where I was nervous and scared to have sex.

I think I freaked out not only because it had been a while since I'd had sex, but also because, well -- my cha-cha pretty much went straight to hell and back in the process of pushing out an eight-pound baby.

I labored for over 24 hours, pushed 'til I was blue in the face for at least 45 minutes, and topped the whole experience off with a nice episiotomy to avoid the major tear I would've had otherwise.

Needless to say, considering how hard I worked to get that baby out of my body, I wasn't exactly eager to put anything back in there.

But don't go freaking out and thinking you may have no interest in sex after your baby arrives solely based on my account. I mean, just look at Jessica Simpson! She's already preggo again and her baby Maxwell is only 7 months old, so she was back in the saddle in no time flat.

Are you at all concerned about your sex life after giving birth?


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