Megan Fox Shouldn't Be Judged for Hiring a Baby Nurse, But She Will Be

megan foxFull disclosure, until her recent whirlwind media tour, I completely forgot that Megan Fox was ever pregnant or had a baby. And that's ... impressive. It isn't every day that a Hollywood actress gets pregnant, and doesn't turn it into a 10-page Us Weekly spread and a subsequent nursing bra line. Megan stayed mum about her pregnancy and birth for a while -- and now that she is talking, I've gotta say: I think what she's saying is refreshing.

Okay, so you know how basically every time a gorgeous, rich celebrity gives birth, they give an interview afterwards, talking about how they're not getting a nanny (despite being at a 14-hour photo shoot and interview); how they're breastfeeding 900 hours a day; and how the only thing they would ever consider letting their child sleep on is a mattress made of organic pony hair? Yeah, Megan's not doing that. She's pretty much just like, "Yeah, I'm getting a baby nurse. Problem?"


Recently, Megan, half-jokingly, admitted that she said to her husband, Brian Austin Green: "We have to get a night nurse or we’re going to get a divorce because somebody’s got to sleep in this house or we’re going to kill each other." And I respect that. Did I have a night nurse after having my kid? Nope! But if I were as rich as Megan Fox, hell yeah I'd get one! Why not? Seems like it would really make things with a newborn a lot less stressful. Doesn't make Megan any less of a mom.

Like a lot of parents, my husband and I had no help at all when we brought our baby home from the hospital -- and very little (if any) experience. And I admit, in the beginning, when things were really crazy, we weren't always our best selves. Far from it. If there would have been a nurse or a doula or someone to take the gigantic pile of recyclables down the stairs for us, that would have been awesome. And it would have made things less stressful.

I sort of feel bad for celeb moms these days. The public is basically just waiting for them to fail. Mothers are judged more than ever today, and when you're famous, that judgment is multiplied by a thousand. I honestly think this fear of being judged is part of the reason they're all quick to share a photo of themselves nursing their babies on Twitter (don't get me wrong, I think a mom nursing her baby is gorgeous, but remember the backlash Beyonce received after showing a photo of her daughter drinking out of a bottle?). I think it's why they feel the need to proclaim to the world that they're not getting a nanny. (Would anyone honestly care?) And I think maybe it's even part of the reason Kourtney Kardashian devoted an entire episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to "deciding whether or not she was going to have a water birth." (PS Kourtney does have a baby nurse -- at least, that's what Khloe said in an episode. Who cares?!) And let's not even get into the baby weight issue. If they lose it too quickly, they're selfish. If they don't, we'll see a photo of them in the National Enquirer with red circles surrounding their cellulite. Fun times.

It's kind of sad that celebrity moms are so scrutinized -- that all moms are. I mean, shouldn't having kids be about uniting people? Shouldn't having kids make us all a little less ... judgmental. Seems like a crappy trait to pass on to our kids.

So, yeah, I think it's cool that Megan flippantly said that she got a baby nurse. And I'm sure most of use would do the same if we were in her position.

Do you think celebrity moms are judged?


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