'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Makes Divorce Work for Her Kids (VIDEO)

Corey Simms Jeremy CalvertIf you're still one of those people who thinks MTV is glorifying teen pregnancy with shows like Teen Mom 2, how's this for decidedly non-glamorous? Leah Messer Calvert spent a portion of this week in the hospital with daughter Aliannah. Baby Ali, who has struggled with a non-specified disorder since birth, has been undergoing additional testing.

Not surprisingly, having to face one of her twins all dressed up in a hospital gown has left Calvert, who is pregnant with her third child, a wreck. But Leah, and baby Ali, have had something -- or should I say someone -- special at their side.


Both Leah's current husband, Jeremy Calvert, and ex-husband, Corey Simms, were at the hospital to help out with baby Ali. What's more, Leah's mom Dawn Spears has been tweeting photo after photo of the two guys sitting side by side, apparently getting along.

Divorced couples of the world, take note. This is how you co-parent.

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Corey is obviously at the hospital because he's Ali's biological father, but with Jeremy married to her mom and soon to be the father of her half-sister (yes, Leah's expecting a girl!), he has an obligation to be stepping up and being there for his stepdaughter. It's good that he realizes that.

But it's even better that Corey is secure in his status as the twins' dad and can make room for more love in their lives. I've seen a lot of divorced couples who've been apart far longer than Leah and Corey who can't seem to get it together for their kids. Sadly, many of these couples are much older and supposed to be more mature than a couple of kids who ended up parents in their teen years.

Having a little girl in the hospital is stressful enough; adding relationship drama on top of it isn't good for anyone -- least of all the sick child. The results of Baby Ali's tests are unknown at the moment, but she's definitely got the support she needs.

As Leah said on Twitter of her men getting along:

There's nothing like a family that sticks together through everything for the sake of their children!

And there is some good news in all of this: Baby Ali is walking these days! 

Are you surprised to see both Jeremy and Corey sitting there with Ali in the hospital? Would that happen with the people in your life?


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