Jimmy Kimmel's ‘Kids Tell the Story of Christmas’ Is Nothing Like the Story You Know (VIDEO)

jimmy kimmel christmasHey, you guys know the story of Christmas, right? How God was like, "Bam! My son is gonna be born unto you," and then there was a shooting star and baby Jesus "popped out" in a mansion and they put him in an animal feeder thing and the Three Wise Men brought him gold, frankfurters, and myrrh? Oh, you remember it differently? Ha! What you just read was a mash-up of the hilarious responses Jimmy Kimmel got when he hit the streets with a camera for "Kids Tell the Story of Christmas," his latest segment to make hilarious use of childhood's comic potential.


And while pretty much all of Kimmel's kid-related skits are superfunny and cute, this one has more "awwwww" moments than you might be used to seeing on his show (mostly because of one tiny little boy who is clearly fascinated by snow, as well as the concept of a "big Jesus" and "little Jesus").

You've just got to watch:

Awwww! How cute was that? Was the tiny boy in the green shirt your fave? Love the brothers, too. I agree, fizzy drinks lead to mischief!

Does your kid get the story of Christmas wrong sometimes?


Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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