Megan Fox's Post-Pregnancy Body Is Stunning but Not Surprising

Megan FoxThat Megan Fox is a sneaky one. First it took her and husband Brian Austin Green nearly a month to announce the birth of their son Noah Shannon Green, then she pretty much disappeared from the public eye. Then this weekend, she popped up at a charity event looked beyond fabulous.

She and Brian chose a most appropriate event for her red carpet debut -- the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies luncheon, which was held on Friday in Beverly Hills. And the dress she chose was NOT one that was meant for camouflaging any post-baby bulges. It was tight, white, and she rocked it. In fact, had she not finally announced the birth, we might never have known she had a baby!

Of course, would be really have expected anything less?


I mean she was named the Sexiest Woman Alive, and she did only gain 23 pounds during this pregnancy. So it's not like we expected her to show up looking for a gig as a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Still, this is pretty amazing.

We should be used to it by now, as time and again stars stun us by giving birth and then looking like they never did in a matter of weeks. From Kristin Cavallari to Kourtney Kardashian, to heck, even Snooki, stars make slimming down post-baby look like a snap. And Megan even makes it sound like a snap. She told the Daily Mirror:

I only gained 23 pounds when I was pregnant and I'm still 10 pounds heavier, but I don't want to kill myself trying to get back into shape because it's not a priority right now. I'm too in love with Noah and I don't want to be away from him. I just want to be home.

Yes, there's a part of me that wants to hate her (Couldn't she at least say she worked out nonstop with 10 personal trainers to get back there? And, WHAT extra 10 pounds?!), but really, good for her. I actually know quite a few women in "real" life who snapped back to their previous bods quickly. I wasn't one them, unfortunately, but I also didn't look like Megan Fox before I had the baby. I think more than anything we should look at these women as sources of inspiration -- that it can be can be done. 

Of course, we also shouldn't beat ourselves up when we can't do it quite so quickly. Because for every Megan Fox out there, there's a Jessica Simpson or Hilary Duff who has had to fight hard to get the pregnancy pounds off. While some of it has to do with exercise and eating habits, the fact is some of it is just the luck of the genetic draw when it comes to what your body does after pregnancy.

While pregnancy doesn't appear to have changed Megan's much, she said it has changed how we will see her body in the future. She recently told the paper:

It changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a film when you have a baby. I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when he’s in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified.

I think there's plenty of material already out there to horrify him for life, but good for her. She looks healthy, happy, and ready to take on this latest role as a mother with enthusiasm and maturity.

Are you shocked by Megan Fox's post-baby body? How long did it take you to lose the baby weight?


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