Reese Witherspoon's Post-Baby Body Should Inspire 'Older' Moms

reese witherspoonReese Witherspoon made her first red carpet appearance last night since giving birth, and holy toned-ness, mama was looking hot. The 36-year-old actress and mother of three had baby Tennessee a little more than two months ago, but you wouldn't know it looking at her in this sexy, black Elie Saab cocktail dress -- Reese's post-baby body stunned at a party for the Children's Defense Fund.

I thought losing the baby weight fast was a younger woman's game, but Reese has proved me wrong. She pulled a Kristin Cavallari and lost almost every last pound, it would seem, overnight.


Now, we all know that that's not true. I'm sure Reese, as well as Kristen (who's 26, by the way), had to eat healthfully and get exercise. Very boring, very normal stuff, but it really is the only way to shed unwanted poundage. That, and breastfeeding helps.

It's just, they make it look so easy.

Especially Reese, who I would've thought might not have bounced back so perfectly. I mean, I know I'm projecting on her what I would be like in her situation ... after birthing and nurturing three kids and a career, I know I'd take my time getting back into "red carpet" shape, relatively speaking. I'd enjoy avoiding the StairMaster. And I'd enjoy avoiding those gross green smoothies. And I'd avoid "red carpets."

Obviously, Reese and I aren't cut from the same cloth. She pushed out a baby on September 27 and on December 6 she looks this good? Damn. Nicely done.

How long did it take you to lose the baby weight?


Photo via Toby Canham/Getty

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