Motherhood Made Alicia Keys Cut Her Hair (PHOTO)

alicia keysThis girl is on fie-yah! This girl is on fie-yahaaaaaahahaha! Can that Alicia Keys sing or what? Whenever I'm in the car and one of her songs comes on, I blast it. I love my fellow New Yorker. I love that her video for that song -- "Girl On Fire" -- is about balancing motherhood with grace. I also love that she said that motherhood made her cut her hair. Yes, I said that -- the person who has hair cutting anxiety. While I grew my bangs out and refused to get anything more than a trim once I became a mom, Alicia was busy at the salon making her own kind of changes.

The "mom cut" -- a short hairdo many new mothers get -- often gets eyerolls from the kid-less crowd, but why can't a woman (mom or not) chop off her locks without someone else making a big fuss about it? I also love that Alicia admits that motherhood changed her. The haircut was just one part of that change.


Change isn't a bad thing.

People magazine reported Alicia saying this about her new 'do:

I put out a song called "New Day" on my album and I was just like, "You know what? It’s a new day and I’m cutting this thing off."

Keys's son Egypt is 2 now, and she also shared that motherhood tapped her into a "deeper emotion" that she never knew before. It's changed her music writing, and she even feels more productive now that she's a mom. 

I can relate. And while I feel more productive -- my mind is always thinking, wanting to do new things -- I don't always have the time to produce all the things I want to. I do a little at a time, keep lists for future things. And I see how motherhood has allowed me to do things I forgot I loved to do. Hopscotch. Running after squirrels in the park. Getting excited about looking at frogs in the pond. Things kids love to do. The change motherhood has brought upon in me is welcomed. Very, very welcomed. Still doesn't mean I'm going to cut my hair short, though. But the new cut sure looks amazing on Alicia. And look at that body! This MOM is on fie-yah! This MOM is on fie-yah-ahahaha!

What do you think of Alicia's new short haircut? How has motherhood changed you?


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