Brandi Glanville Declares All Out War on LeAnn Rimes' Parenting Skills

Brandi GlanvilleWow, everyone. JUST. WOW. If we thought we'd seen the low with Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes going at each other publicly, as they say in show biz, you ain't seen nothing yet. Though you'll see it now. (You can thank me later.) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi gave an interview to US Weekly in which she ripped LeAnn a new one. Which, given that Brandi accuses LeAnn of being addicted to laxatives, is pretty scary.

I really don't know where to begin here, so let me just begin. First off, Brandi says that Mason, her 9-year-old son with ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian, found what he thought was a Skittle in stepmom LeAnn's purse but, oops!, it turned out to be a laxative. Unclear how many he ate, but apparently it made him "extremely ill." It only goes downhill from there. It's all-out WAR, folks.


Brandi says that Eddie and LeAnn refuse to communicate with her unless she puts out something on Twitter. So I guess this is why she gives this no-holds-barred interview to US Weekly. I guess.

Some of the lowlights:

LeAnn has a severe eating disorder. She has [a laxative] in every purse. Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don't keep sugar in the house. He thought he finally found candy! He gets extremely sick, and that freaks me the f--k out.

Then she talks about how she saw a video LeAnn had posted with her children. But her youngest son wasn't -- never mind, I'll let her tell it:

And I see Jakey, my 5-year-old, on a bike on Roundmeadow Road -- a very busy road where drunk drivers have crashed into their house ... He doesn't have a helmet on and he's driving without his training wheels, which he doesn't even do at my house.

Yikes. Drunk drivers. Bad Skittles. But there's more!

These are my children and I don't want this unstable person around them when she's alone ... I said to my friend yesterday, "I don't feel like she's stable." God forbid anything ever happened between her and Eddie. She uses my children as a tool to get to me, and I don't know if she cares about them the way that Eddie thinks she does.

Sooooooo ... anyone getting the feeling these two don't like each other? Just in case you were still uncertain about that, Brandi sums it all up with:

I haven't seen LeAnn in forever. I don't really want to right now.

Er, yeah. Probably a good idea. Well, I hope these three can learn to communicate on some level for the kids' sake. But it's not sounding so promising right now!

Do you think Brandi should have said all of this to the press?

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