Emily Maynard's Ex In-Laws Have No Right to Tell Her How to Raise Her Daughter

emily maynard rickiHas Emily Maynard finally had it with her meddling former in-laws? Reportedly, the parents of her late husband, and now Ricki's grandparents, have been wringing their hands over Emily's parenting. And the last straw for them: Emily's plans to move away from their cozy lives in North Carolina and strike out for the wilds of Hollywood.

Supposedly, Rick and Linda Hendricks think Emily only cares about her fame and fabulousness and doesn't care enough about Ricki's needs. It's gotten so bad, they're reportedly not even on speaking terms at the moment. I wonder if Emily is moving to California partly to get away from them?


It's one thing to leak your concerns about your former daughter-in-law's parenting to the tabloids. (AHEM.) But a source says Rick has also done the dreaded grandparent work-around: He approached Ricki's teachers before the school year, told them he's deeply concerned about how Emily's actions are affecting his granddaughter, and asked them to alert him if Ricki started acting up. Holy obnoxious, meddlesome grandparents! Ooh, it would piss me off if someone did that to me.

And listen to how pathetic this sounds: "They can't bear the thought of Ricki being that far away from them, she is the one thing that makes the pain of losing their son tolerable. They see so much of Ricky in their granddaughter, they love her to pieces and have become incredibly close to her -- she keeps the memory of Ricky alive," a friend says.

Yeah, right. I'm sure that's all true. But it sounds like they've done a lot of damage by second-guessing Emily's parenting. I mean, I wouldn't know myself what kind of mother Emily is. She probably is distracted and more focused on her career.

But so what? Does she have to sacrifice everything to be a mom? Can't she be a mom and pursue some exciting career opportunities, do a little televised dating? (Sleazy though it is.) Emily may not win Mother of the Year EVER IN HER LIFE, but it looks like she's a good-enough parent. And really, as far as any grandparent is concerned, they need to accept that.

What Emily needed from her former in-laws was love, acceptance, and support. I'm sure she got some of that. But if they're crossing the line (talking to Ricki's teachers behind her back!), I don't blame her for wanting to get away from them.

Do you think the Hendricks are right to be concerned about Ricki's welfare or should they trust Emily more?


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