Home Birth Fanatic Gisele Bundchen Ignites War on Hospital Births

gisele bundchenJust when we thought maybe she'd learned her lesson and decided to keep opinions to herself for once in her life, Gisele Bundchen is now linking hospital births with violence towards women -- which must mean she's officially trying to reclaim her title of being the most judgemental celebrity mom ever.

Ok, so she didn't exactly come right out and say that hospitals are violent, but she might as well have. Gisele tweeted out a blog post from her website entitled "Birth Without Violence," which was written by Mayra Calvetti, and basically insinuates that women who choose to go to the hospital to give birth to their babies are subjecting themselves to some sort of torture. (WTF?)


Here are a few colorful excerpts from Calvetti's post that made me want to stand up and yell, "Oh, shut the hell up already."

Childbirth surrounded by interventions and “violence” is so ingrained in our society, that a humanized birth without unnecessary interventions, at home, in water or squatting is seen as an alternative birth, for hippies or something for Indians. Most people are unaware what a birth without violence is like and its benefits to mother, baby, family and society.

Many hospitals are like a mass production of babies, where routines are followed and the baby must be born as soon as possible. Some professionals don’t have the patience to wait and sensitivity and respect the individuality and the time of each mother and baby. The line has to move, more babies are coming to be born, they have to rush things out there!

Ok, so I get that Gisele is really into the whole home birth thing and she had a painless labor with her son Benjamin and will probably deliver her second baby with a huge rainbow over her head as well. But you can be a natural or home birth advocate without making moms who do prefer hospital births feel like they are doing something wrong or subjecting themselves and their babies to trauma at the hands of those terrible doctors and nurses. (Major. Eye. Roll.)

I delivered my son at a hospital just south of Denver, and for the life of me, I can't imagine a safer or more wonderful experience. The staff took incredible care of me and my son, and I never for one second felt like I was part of some sort of assembly line or that the birth was being rushed in any way. And honestly, I would've been absolutely terrified if I'd been anywhere else during the delivery, because there's something so calming about being surrounded by trained professionals who know how to handle the situation and act quickly if anything goes wrong.

But even though I chose a hospital birth because that's what was right for me, I'm not about to go out and criticize someone for having a home birth if that is what they prefer -- because every mom is entitled to her opinion.

What is best for one isn't necessarily the right plan for another, and that's ok. And for the life of me, I just don't understand why Gisele Bunchen is 100 percent unable to voice her opinion without putting other moms down.

(Ugh. Am I the only one who wishes she'd disappear for a while? GO AWAY, Gisele. GO AWAY.)

Editor's Note: A previous version of this post included incorrect attribution for the quote above. While the quote did appear on Bundchen's blog, it was not written by her. Since the publishing of this story, a publicist for Bundchen reached out to us to clarify that Bundchen removed the post from her blog once she was made aware of the content and that the post does not reflect Gisele's personal opinion.

Have you ever thought of a hospital birth as being violent?


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