Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer FINALLY Reveal Genders of Twins! (PHOTO)

anna paquinOMG, Truebies. I was starting to think this day might never come, but at last -- at LONG, LONG last -- Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have announced the genders of their newborn twins!!! OMG! Of course ... we still don't know what they named the babies. Nope, not yet. Why? Well, I guess learning the genders AND names of True Blood's first official twins on the same day would just be asking for waaaaay too much. Who knows?

Maybe, just maybe, we can't handle the truth. Maybe if we were forced to process all that info at once, we would just explode, like a bunch of vampires meeting the True Death! Look, Truebies -- you can't always get what you want ... but if you try sometimes, you might find ... you get what you need. And here it is:


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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have a baby girl ... and ... a baby boy! YAY!! One of each! What a deal!

Never mind the supernatural combination possibilities -- endless! One vampire baby, one faerie baby. One shifter baby, one wee little werewolf. One teensy witch, one weensy warlock? Um ... let's see, what else ... hey, what was Maryann supposed to be? Oh yeah, a maenad! Yikes, a baby maenad would be pretty freaky. Never mind that one. Same goes for a newborn fire monster. No thanks!

Anyway, I know tons of you guys had money on this whole twin gender thing, so time to pay up -- or cash in!

Did you guess the genders of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's twins correctly?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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