Hugh Grant Finds Breastfeeding Mom More Freakish Than Tranny Prostitute (VIDEO)

hugh grantYes, it's the inevitable consequence of Hugh Grant's career. Behold this photograph of Hugh Grant posing next to a breastfeeding mom. It's nice that he's smiling, but he also looks a little... what's the word? Oh yes, mortified. Huge surprise! The man who made awkward, fumbling, repressed Englishness famous looks deeply uncomfortable when photographed next to a nursing mum.

Aww, poor Hugh. He's a new dad himself. He wasn't really embarrassed, was he? Oh yes he was, according to the mom in the photo. Why do you think she's smiling like that? Wait till you hear what she says about the encounter.


Apparently Hugh was visiting the pub of a friend (frenemy?) Paul McMullan, when he was introduced to Paul's girlfriend Natalie and their new baby. 

Hugh came straight over to me on the sofa and said, "Oh hello, how are you?" I was blushing furiously and when he held out his hand he suddenly realised I was breast feeding but because it was Hugh I felt I had to take it, but as I moved my arm the baby slipped down and he said, "Oh I am so sorry," and moved back and I only stroked his hand instead of shaking it.

He said: “I will just turn round for a minute,” and as he turned his back I popped the baby back on. He wasn’t comfortable with breast feeding.'

INDEED NOT. Classic! That's why I suspect Natalie may have even popped the baby back on just for the photo op -- just to torture Hugh a little more for shits and giggles. Apparently, shortly after meeting Natalie Hugh left the pub for a bit and then returned. When he saw she was nursing (on the other side, duh!) he reportedly said, "Oh God, is that baby still breastfeeding?" 

Oh God, are you still HERE? Are you still freaked out over my breastfeeding?!?

Those of us who boldly breastfed our babies wherever and whenever, this kind of thing gets a little exasperating. The kid is eating, get over it! It's enough to almost make you want to keep breastfeeding LONGER in order to make a point. And in general, men who are easily embarrassed? I have no patience for that. So I can't blame Natalie if she had a little fun with Hugh. 

How do you feel when other people are embarrassed by your public breastfeeding?


Image via E! News Now

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