Mariah Carey Needs to Grow Up & Change a Diaper

Mariah Carey Nick CannonMoms, Dads, we can talk all day about how fabulous parenthood is, but there's no escaping diaper duty. Well, unless you're Mariah Carey it seems. Hubby Nick Cannon accidentally let slip to Anderson Cooper recently that Mimi is a bit of a diva when it comes to cleaning twins Monroe's and Moroccan's bottoms.

Not exactly surprising for some people, maybe. But come on! Who's the baby here?


Kids poop. Kids pee. And being a parent means cleaning it up. Period. Well, unless you have a spouse who lets you get away with not pulling your weight that is ...

When Cooper asked Nick who changes the most diapers, he immediately said, "Me." No doubt knowing how bad that sounded, he tried for recovery, adding: "I mean, we all do it, but for some reason, I get that duty a little bit more."

Nice try Nick, but considering he also admitted that the kids "run the house" while his wife is being a "diva" (yes, he used that word), I think it's pretty clear what's going in on that house. Mariah hates diaper duty, and Nick lets her pass the buck ... or the baby, rather. 

What happens in their marriage is none of my business; I get that. In many other ways, Mariah seems like a fun mom. And if this works for Nick, then so be it.

But I can't help pointing out that parents who shirk diaper duty are often in for a rude awakening somewhere down the line. Our kids need us to be there for them through everything, not just the fun vanilla-scented moments.

Maybe you do escape the diapers, but soon your potty training toddler is going to need you to wipe their poop-covered behind. Later it will be your big kid home from school with a tummy bug who throws up in the middle of the night and is so exhausted she rolls in it. And then you have the teenager throwing up after she snuck vodka out of your liquor cabinet.

It never ends.

And the sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes. I am not going to say that you will ever enjoy cleaning up someone's poop. But I can't count on my two hands the number of parents I've talked to who admit that they're significantly less disgusted by their own kid's dirty diaper than they are another child's. Mother Nature does have some sympathy for us.

If you were Nick, would you let Mariah get away with skipping out on diaper duty? Have you had that problem in your house?


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