Octomom's Kids Release a Holiday Song Because Mama Needs Cash (VIDEO)

The Roctuplets

You know, there was a time when I actually felt sort of sorry for Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom. But that time is long gone. I mean, between the begging for money, the disturbing allegations of abuse, the Xanax addiction (not that I'd normally point fingers for a dependency issue, but it's a little crazy that she had enough money for pills, is it not? Of course, she managed to find enough cash for $500 hair treatments, too), the public confessions that she "hated" and was "disgusted" by her babies, the porn, the shady high-interest loan promotions, and the EVERYTHING ELSE, it's pretty hard to dredge up sympathy for her at this point.

I sort of figured she'd already scraped the bottom of the barrel when it comes to earning money, but it turns out her latest money-making venture is even more disturbing than posing for a nude masturbatory photo spread in front of baby clothes -- because this time, it directly involves her kids.


As of today, you can officially purchase The Rocktuplets' brand new single, "I'm Ready for Christmas." Yes. It's Octomom's kids, performing a holiday song. Which you can buy on iTunes and Amazon.

The Rocktuplets are billed as "the famous Solomon Octuplets; Jonah, Noah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Makai, Maliah, Nariah, and Isaiah," and this single also features additional Solomon kids Elijiah, Amerah, Joshua, Calyssa, and Caleb. (The only kid not included in the band is 6-year-old Aiden, who is autistic.) (I'm ... not even going to address that, except to say of all the screwed up things about this, that particular omission seems extra screwed up.)

Octomom herself does not appear on the album or music video, because she's still in rehab. In fact, she wasn't even present during the recording or filming. The kids are currently with "a team of nannies."

Part of "I'm Ready for Christmas" is available on The Roctuplets website, and ... well. The kids are cute, I'll say that. The tune was apparently written by rapper Romeo Holloway, and it includes lots and lots of autotuning.

Take a look:

While it sure seems like these kids are mostly bewildered and just sort of trying to follow directions instead of being natural performers who love the camera, it seems they're going to be turned into little wannabe child stars whether they damn well like it or not. According to their publicist,

This is just one of many children's songs they are going to come out with.

Right, because Mama's got bills to pay. These kids have been sponging off her long enough, it's time to start earning their keep. Xanax doesn't grow on trees, you know.

What do you think about The Rocktuplets? Does it bum you out that Octomom's kids are being forced to do this?

Image via The Rocktuplets

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