Elizabeth Banks Gives New Baby a Big Name to Grow Into

elizabeth banksThere's big news in Elizabeth Banks' household today! The Hunger Games star and sometime mom blogger threw a photo of an "it's a boy" balloon up on her website today to announce the arrival of a new baby! The little guy is the actress's second son with husband and film producer Max Handelman.

Like big brother Felix, the new baby arrived via gestational surrogate. And like Felix, Banks' new son has been given a name that could have been pulled straight from a hipster baby naming guide. So what is it?


Magnus! Well, Magnus Mitchell Handelman to be exact.

I have to confess the first thing I thought of was a Mag-lite. You know, the big flashlights favored by guys my dad's age? But that isn't to say I don't like it! I'm a big fan of names that are unusual but not "weird."

Magnus has Latin origins, and it means "one who is great." Not exactly a bad thing to have over your kid's head as they grow up. Pair it with Felix, which means happy, and Banks has two little guys whose names practically scream, "We're going to make it in this world!"

You don't hear a whole lot of kids named Magnus in America, which should make labeling the little guy's lunchbox and backpack easier for his mom. The name is more common in Scandinavia (which might explain why actor Will Ferrell also picked it for his son: his wife Viveca Paulin is Swedish). It tends to connote royalty.

The fact that she didn't completely make up a name like some other Hollywood stars reminds me why I like her so much. It isn't just that she kills it in roles like the one she played in People Like Us (one of my favorite movies of the year!). Elizabeth Banks is pretty smart and down-to-earth. She seems like she'd be that mom you want to be friends with at the playgroup.

The biggest problem I see her is trying to come up with a good nickname! Maggie is a little too feminine. Ditto for Mags. And Nus sounds a tad too much like "nuts" for it not to get his ass kicked on the playground. Maybe he's just going to have to be one of those kids who sticks to his full name.

Congratulations to the happy family!

What do you think of the baby name?


Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

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