Snooki's Halloween Photo With Lorenzo Was Totally Worth the Wait

snooki halloweenSome things are just worth waiting for, and this is one of them: Snooki's family Halloween photo. Fer cute! Even if you're not a Jersey Shore fan, even if you pretty much hate everything Snooki, even if the very sight of tanned skin and leopard prints makes your skin crawl, you have to admit. This family Halloween portrait is pretty darn cute.

It's the Superhero Family! This was a great idea, and I loved that they got baby Lorenzo into the fun. Or was it the other way around? Maybe it's that Snooki and Jionni were game about dressing up with their son. Either way, I think the three of them together are adorbs.


I don't know about you, but I don't know very many families who dress up for Halloween with their kids. We all dress up our babies. It's one of the perks of parenting, even if you just buy your kids' costumes (especially if you just buy it). It's so adorable to see a little baby dressed up as a pumpkin or a lobster in a bucket. But you've gotta give extra credit to parents when they get in on the fun and dress up to match their kids' costumes.

As for this little superhero family, I think they picked the perfect costumes. Snooki does make a good Wonder Woman (I like hers better than Kris "nip-slip" Jenner's), Jionni looks fierce as Captain America (that intense stare!), and of course Lorenzo just looks lost but adorable in those Superman pajamas.

Has your whole family ever dressed up in matching costumes for Halloween?

Image via Snookinic/Instagram

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