JWoww Says Motherhood Has Changed Snooki (VIDEO)

snookiI love how motherhood has changed Snooki -- and in all the right ways. She's keeping the platform heels, the leopard prints, and apparently even the orange tan. But her priorities have definitely shifted. Ever since she got knocked up, Snooki's dumped the party girl routine and is taking life a lot more seriously.

Even her cast members have noticed. The Jersey fam dished about Snooki's new life with Lorenzo and Jionni, and about how much she's changed as a mama. But is it all for real? How can someone change so drastically in such a short time? Or is nine months plenty of time for a girl to change her ways?


JWoww is the first to say Snooki is "no longer selfish." Honestly, I don't know how they would distinguish Snooki's selfishness from the selfishness of all the other cast members, but I'll take her word for it. Motherhood does force you to start thinking about someone other than yourself.

But I love what the guys say after that. "Snooks, anything she does is to the max," The Situation said. "On the TV show, you've seen us partying, and Snooks really did her thing. So now she's a mother, and she's doing that to the max." And maybe that's the essence of Snooki's personality more than anything else: She just really digs in and embraces whatever she's into at the moment. She was passionate about partying, and now she's passionate about being a mother.

Not to go too deep with the Jersey Shore kids here or anything, but isn't it that way with all of us? Motherhood amplifies certain aspects of our personality -- but you never know what parts of yourself it's going to bring out. All you can do is try and make sure it brings out your best. And hey, if motherhood can make an unselfish woman out of Snooki, I think there's hope for the rest of us.

Did motherhood bring out a part of yourself that surprised you?


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