'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Gets Parenting Help -- So What?

Chelsea HouskaThere's a lot of criticism thrown at the girls on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but when you look at many of the parents of these new mothers, it's no surprise their kids are struggling. Plenty of the reality stars are trying to turn into adults with little to no support from their parents. But South Dakota's Chelsea Houska and her uber-supportive parents Randy and Mary are the rare exception. The two are divorced but they've been there for their teen daughter and her little girl, Aubree, every step of the way.

And when Chelsea sat down with The Stir to talk about the third season of Teen Mom 2, she had plenty to say about what parents should and shouldn't do if their teen ends up pregnant. And Chelsea had her fair share of words for people who have criticized dad Randy for spoiling her.


Chelsea on why she isn't being "spoiled" by her dad:

The thing I hear most is that I'm like this spoiled brat or that I get everything handed to me. One, I don't think I'm a brat. I don't think I've ever really come off as a brat. I don't know why people say that.

And I think people thought that because in the first season of Teen Mom, I was 18, and my dad was helping me. But a lot of times when people don't have kids, and they're going off to college, their parents help them.

Not everyone has that, and a lot of people do. I was lucky enough to have that. I mean, I'm on my own now. My dad helps me if I need it, which I rarely do.

He's just a dad.

On how her parents are involved in her life now:

I think my parents are great. The support system I honestly think is a big deal.

If my parents had kicked me out and stuff like that ... that doesn't help a child when they have a child young. It's already scary and stressful!

My parents are great. They supported me and gave me good advice, and they love me so much that I want Aubree to feel that love from me.

On how her life is different from some of her Teen Mom 2 castmates: 

I feel like there are stereotypes when it comes to teen pregnancy. Like, it's going to be the girl that was, like, I don't know the word to use, this sounds awful, but trash. Trashy girls or whatever.

But anyone, anyone can get pregnant when they're young, whoever's having sex. It doesn't matter if you have a rich family or a poor family.

Some people, I've got tweets being like, "Why are you on Teen Mom, you have everything, blah, blah, blah." But really, I still was a teen mom. It happens to everyone. I think it's good that MTV shows that. It's not just one group of people that's getting pregnant at a young age.

Do you think Chelsea's parents are spoiling her or just being good parents?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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