Adele's Baby Needs a Name -- Right Now!

AdeleSince singer Adele reportedly gave birth to a baby boy on October 19, we've been wondering, waiting, and guessing what the little guy's name might possibly be. According to new reports, however, no one could have ever possibly guessed the name they chose, because there isn't one. Supposedly Adele and her boyfriend Simon Knoecki STILL haven't chosen a name for him.

Now, if she just hasn't wanted to share the name and give the kid some sort of privacy, that's one thing. We can respect that. But if it's true that she hasn't picked a name after about two and half weeks, then we have a problem.


Adele's friend, British talk show host Alan Carr, told the Daily Star yesterday:

He's beautiful. ­Absolutely beautiful. I saw him on Wednesday. But I need to find out what his name is before I can get a gift - you can't sign a gift 'To X' now, can you?

No, no you can't. Assuming that's true, which admittedly is a pretty big assumption, it seems beyond a reasonable amount of time to still be debating a baby's name. I know it's no easy task, but you do have almost nine months to think about it, so it shouldn't be that difficult to pick one.

I understand people who wait a few hours or even a day or two before bestowing a name. They want to see if the name fits the baby, and maybe test out saying a few. That's fine. But if you leave the hospital with a nameless baby, I think that's a little extreme, and two and half weeks is beyond extreme.

What do they call him? "It"? "Baby"? "Hey you?" I don't know. It's their baby, so if they're happy with a nameless kid, I suppose that's their business, but it certainly better be a pretty damn spectacular name when they finally do choose one if they took that much time.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to take to name a baby after he or she is born?


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