‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Read a Book About Plastic Surgery to Her Daughter

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has made some questionable decisions recently. First she got a boob job, then she moved to Florida, then she put out a song that makes ears bleed, and then she decided to get $16,000 worth of plastic surgeryto adjust her “weak chin” and “imperfect nose.” Needless to say, it hasn’t been easy watching Farrah make choices that aren’t necessarily the best. But! Believe it or  not, there’s some good news on that front.

The plastic surgeon who performed Farrah’s face job has spoken out, and what he had to say is actually quite heartwarming.


Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Radar Online that after Farrah explained how she wanted to permanently change her appearance, she expressed concern that her daughter Sophia, 3, wouldn’t recognize her when the procedure was over. Doc was prepared for this kind of worry, though, and recommended a book called My Beautiful Mommy – a tome that helps young children understand plastic surgery.

The fact that we live in a society in which that book is necessary aside, it’s nice to hear that Farrah considered the effects of her cosmetic surgery on her daughter. It can be very traumatizing to see a parent all wrapped up in bandages like a zombie, only to reveal later, after the gauze has been peeled back to show bruises and bloody stitches, a new face that’s unfamiliar. It came as an unexpected, albeit totally welcomed, surprise that Farrah was able to see the larger picture of her plastic surgery and planned ahead to make sure her little one was prepared for what was happening.

Despite dropping a ton of money on a totally superfluous and unnecessary exercise in vanity, maybe Farrah’s foresighted concern about her daughter’s reaction is a sign that she’s growing up, after all.

Here’s hoping.

How have you prepared your toddlers for big life changes?

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