Tia Mowry Says Sister Tamera Is Too Wimpy for a Natural Birth

There's nothing like trying an all-natural, no pain drugs birth and having your own sister say you "won't make it." Way to be supportive! However, Tamera Mowry's sister, Tia, knows her better than most. She could be on to something! Said Tia, whose sister is due pretty much any day now, to US Weekly:

She is my sister and we can't take pain. Pain and us, we just don't mix! She is trying to be brave, which is good ... but I don't think she is going to make it.

Ouch, way to harsh a mellow, sis.


Tia and Tamera are twins who used to star on the '90s show Sister, Sister and now head up Tia & Tamera on Style network. Tia, who delivered son Cree last year via Cesarean section, will be in the delivery room to coach Tamera, despite her misgivings. I wonder what she'll say? "C'mon, sis, don't be a hero! The epidural is riiiight here."

Of course, the problem with epidurals is that you can't suddenly request one mid-birth. They take awhile to kick in and you have to do them at a certain time. I think that's the problem with natural birth -- once you decide to do it, there's no turning back. Some women end up handling it fine; others not so much. Which one will you be? Who can tell?!

But it is pretty brave (or nuts?!) of Tamera to try it, if she really isn't good with pain like her sister says. Then again, who is good with pain?! It's always amazing to me how some women just know this is what they want, end of story, no fence sitting. One woman I know recently gave birth at home and told me she was baking a pie during her contractions. And then I know a few women who sincerely regretted that they didn't ask for an epidural. Then I know ones who tried natural birth but ended up having to have a C-section. Birth can be pretty random.

Anyway, I hope it works out for Tamera. And for Tia. And I sincerely hope that Tia doesn't experience any of that twin sympathy pain!

Did you have a natural birth? What happened?

Image via Style.com

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