Snooki Shares New Photo of Lorenzo & He Might Be Cutest Baby Ever

Snooki babyOMG. Is Snooki's baby Lorenzo the most adorable little meatball you've ever seen, or is Snooki's baby Lorenzo the most adorable little meatball you've ever seen?!?

This is probably the clearest shot she's posted of him yet and shared with her fans on Twitter, and it's pretty hard to ignore that he's basically a miniature version of his famous mama. I can see a little bit of Jionni LaValle in him, but when you get right down to it, his features are all Snooki -- right down to his pouty little mouth.


Seriously, just look at his little face. Don't you half expect him to sit straight up in her lap and yell, "Party's here!" or something equally as Jersey Shore-esque?

I gotta say, while I figured she'd adapt to motherhood fairly easily simply because she's not the type of person who seems to let stuff rattle her, Snooki has far surpassed my expectations for how great a mom she really is. Her little man is obviously the center of her world, and she seems much happier in her new life as a parent than she ever did downing shots at a club or hitting up the tanning booth.

And judging from how healthy and content she looks, she must have the whole life with a newborn thing down. I mean, that definitely isn't the face of a mom who is sleep deprived and miserable.

Hmm. Maybe more of us should seek out reality TV careers before having babies. Going from life in the spotlight to life on the couch at home with a baby certainly seems to be a winning transition -- at least for Snooki.

Who do you think Lorenzo looks more like -- Snooki or Jionni?


Image via Twitter

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