Kelsey Grammer Parties With 3-Month-Old at Playboy Mansion

Kelsey GrammerPoor Kelsey Grammer! The new dad finally got a night out, and now he's taking a hit from the likes of ex-wife Camille Grammer over rumors that he took 3-month-old baby Faith to a Halloween party. What's the big deal?

OK, so this particular party was at the Playboy Mansion. Slightly bigger deal than most, but still? When it comes to bad parenting in Hollywood, this hardly seems to make the list.


TMZ is reporting rumors that Kelsey had his new daughter at the shindig based on Tweets from a pissed off Playmate who wanted to know:

Why the fk does Kelsey Grammer have a newborn baby at the Mansion party!?!?!?

Well, speaking as a mother who toted her baby almost everywhere at one point, he was probably trying to be a parent who still had a social life. The bigger question is why this Playmate was such a grump if Hef had no problem with little Faith crashing the party.

Listen, I get it, there are places where babies just do not belong. And I do wonder if Kelsey remembered to give the baby's ears some kind of protection against what I'm assuming was some pretty loud party music. But the reports all say that he had a bassinet, and the little girl was sleeping the night away. 

Got that? She was sleeping! She wasn't snorting coke off a Playmate's behind! She was doing what babies do.

Considering babies often will sleep anywhere, and dad had her comfy bed right there, what's the problem?

If she'd been wide awake late at night at a party, I'd ask why he didn't have her home. If she'd been annoying other guests, and the party host wanted her gone, I'd ask why he didn't take her home. If Kelsey had been completely ignoring her, well, you get the picture.

But the beauty of the baby stage is that they do tend to sleep a lot! That means they're fairly portable.

I'm not going to out and out praise Kelsey here, because he could have hired a sitter. But I'm not going to castigate him either. Plenty of parents have done the same, and their kids are no worse for it.

What do you think of this? Bad parenting or just a fact of life?


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