7 Celebs Whose Bodies Got Sexier After Breastfeeding

Jeanne Sager | Oct 26, 2012 Celebrity Moms

Kristin CavallariThere's nothing like a celebrity mom losing the baby weight the old fashioned way to make us feel better about our chances of getting the sexy back. And Kristin Cavallari's recent confession that breastfeeding baby Camden Jack has really helped her slim down is a double win for us everyday women out here.

It's a celebrity endorsement of breastfeeding that helps shut down the haters, and it's a little boost for the ladies who are feeling a little down about that tummy pooch. But is Kristin right? Is breastfeeding really going to help? Maybe you should ask these other celebrity moms who swear it helped them get back to their pre-baby weight.

These moms in Hollywood who wanted to give their babies a good start in life and have gotten a good start on the weight loss because of it. Yeah, forget all the negative things you've heard about what breastfeeding can do to your body. Your boobs will droop because of age anyway, ladies, but cutting the weight can only be good for you -- not just in terms of looks but health too!

Check out this list -- do any of them surprise you? How did breastfeeding change your body?


Image via Maressa Brown

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