Bobbi Kristina Brown's Out-of-Control Drinking Is Why It's Illegal for Teens to Drink

Bobbi Kristina BrownBobbi Kristina Brown hasn't exactly had it easy these past few years. Whitney Houston's daughter lost her mom in the most public of ways earlier this year, and dad Bobby Brown is hardly a pillar of the community. The teenager more than deserves her chance to go out and have a good time to try to move past her problems. But now there's talk of a drinking problem so bad that Bobbi may be headed to rehab

At 19? When the legal drinking age is 21? Heads up, parents!


Drinking sounds like typical teenage antics. We all did it, so why wouldn't they, right?

Yeah. Right.

Except teenagers can become alcoholics too. Teenagers can wreck their lives with booze too. Just because it's a "just a phase" for some kids doesn't mean that's true for all.

Case in point: Bobbi Kristina Brown. She's not afraid to get drunk on camera for her new reality show, The Houstons: On Our Own, despite the obvious age issue. That's a red flag right there. Kids who are flaunting their alcohol use have clearly lost control.

I'm not advocating kids lying to their parents here, but in our day we had the decency to be ashamed of ourselves for drinking underage. The fact that we hid it showed that we knew we were wrong. Not so for Bobbi Kristina.

Her aunt, Pat Houston, apparently thinks the girl will drink herself "to death." When you consider the genetic factor in alcohol abuse, she might well be right. This poor kid comes from a family of addicts, and she's found herself a substance to abuse.

I hate to see this kid have more trouble in her life, but unless someone shoves a cork in that wine bottle, Bobbi Kristina is just going to turn from a teenage alcoholic into an adult alcoholic. And the same goes for other kids who are in her boat.

This isn't a phase, people. It's a warning sign!

Have you had to deal with alcohol problems with your kids? Any advice for the Houston family?


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