New Mom Anna Paquin Puts Her Twin Babies Before Her Movie Career

Anna PaquinBeing a mom must really suit her, because True Blood star Anna Paquin has decided to stay at home with her twin babies instead of jumping right back into acting -- even though she was set to star in a couple of upcoming films.

And while giving up her work for the time being in order to better enjoy this precious time with her new babies probably wasn't an easy call to make, Anna will never regret opting to give herself a break to be a stay-at-home mom for a while.


I did the exact same thing as Anna when I had my son (minus the film career part), and I can honestly say that I will be eternally grateful for the fact that I spent the first couple years of his life at home with him.

Of course, given the field of work I was in, the decision to quit my job was kind of an easy one. I was a meeting planner, so I was constantly jetting off to various cities to run events, and traveling like that really wasn't conducive to life with a baby. And while it was hard to cut the cord with my work life and start all over in my new job as a mom, it was definitely the right choice for me.

Even now, I have days where I look at my son and reflect upon the time when he was a baby -- and often times I really, really miss it. I miss sitting on the floor and playing with him, rocking him to sleep, taking him for walks, and snuggling with him on the couch. We did those things quite a bit during the first year of his life -- and I'll treasure those memories forever.

And I'm also aware of how lucky I was that I was able to make that choice, because I know that it just isn't possible for all moms. But if I ever were to have another baby, I'd do everything in my power to make staying home for a year or two an option if I could.

How much time did you take off from work after having your baby? When are you planning on going back, or are you staying home for good?


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