'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Buys Her Son $150 Jeans

Maci Bookout BentleyMaci Bookout has always been a bit of a fan favorite as far as the stars of Teen Mom go. She always seems to put herself out there for her son. But her decision to buy little Bentley a pair of designer jeans for his birthday makes you wonder if she isn't putting herself out there a little too much.

Maci put up an adorable photo on Twitter this week of Bentley's little behind clad in a pair of True Religion jeans. She paired it with a self-deprecating joke about how spoiled the little guy is and an "early happy birthday wish" for the toddler.


She's right. The type of True Religion boys jeans Bentley is wearing in Maci's photo can run as much as $156 at Nordstrom or $150 at True Religion's own site.

For little boys jeans? Really? As one of those moms who would love to see the designer kids clothing industry shuttered, or at least brought to heel, I think that's obscene.

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I don't care how much bank Maci is making from  MTV, spending that kind of cash on a 4-year-old is spoiling them. And it's rather pointless.

Let's start with the most obvious problem. Kids grow. Fast. I have quite literally bought my child an item of clothing only to have it be too small a week later. Spending big money on their clothes is a big, fat waste.

Not to mention the fact that kids are messy! I've always been glad to see Bentley running around on TV or in Maci's photos. He's a kid who actually gets to play hard, which is how it should be. But that's awfully hard on clothes, especially fancy, expensive clothes. Kids shouldn't have to worry about ruining something that cost a gazillion dollars because their parents were too concerned with making a splash in public than using common sense.

Besides, the demands for designer clothes will come from the kids soon enough. You might as well save your money for the dreaded teen years.

What do you think of Maci buying Bentley designer duds?


Image via MTV

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