Adele Has Baby -- But We'll Never Get to See It (VIDEO)

AdeleAww! She can finally add "mom" to her list of amazing accomplishments, because Adele has given birth to a baby boy, her first child with soon-to-be husband Simon Konecki.

A source close to the singer told US Weekly, "The baby is healthy and she's so excited!" -- back in late September, so it sounds like she may have pulled a Megan Fox and kept the birth of her son secret, at least until now.

But now that the cat's out of the bag that her baby has indeed, arrived -- I highly doubt we'll be hearing any more details on the child (such as his name) for quite some time.


Honestly, if she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for an entire seven months before finally spilling the beans, why would any information surrounding her new little boy be any less closely guarded?

If anything, Adele will probably strive to protect her son and do everything in her power to maintain privacy during this special time than she did while she was expecting. The first few months with a new baby are some of the most priceless times in a mother's life, and she shouldn't be expected to share anything about her son until she's fully ready.

For now, I think I speak for most fans who are sending her all the best wishes in the world. She should enjoy every single minute -- and hopefully we'll hear a bit more about her journey into motherhood on her next album.

Of course, not everyone is genuinely happy for Adele. (Jerks.) She already has some very nasty people attacking her and her new baby on Twitter. You can hear more about some of the heartless comments she's received in this video clip. (What the heck is wrong with people?)

What kind of name do you think Adele gave her baby?


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