Obama's Parenting Advice to Jay-Z Says Everything About the Kind of Dad He Is (LISTEN)

obama jay-z beyoncePresident Obama and Jay-Z have a relationship. Some may even call it a bromance. See, like many Hollywood celebrities, Jay-Z and Beyonce are fierce Obama supporters. The couple have helped the President raise a staggering amount of money for his re-election (a fundraiser with $40,000-a-pop tickets, anyone?). And since the two started "working" together, they've become friends -- and not just Hollywood/political friends; actual, real friends. But what do they talk about when they're together? Despite their mutual interest in, well, Obama, the two men aren't exactly cut from the same cloth. Obama is a graduate of two Ivy League schools; Jay-Z is a hip-hop god (who, side bar, can buy and sell Obama ten times over). What are they saying to one another when we see them laughing and talking in all those photos? Turns out, Obama is giving Jay-Z parenting advice. Parenting advice that says everything about the kind of father he is.


In an interview with Cleveland's z107.9, Obama said he told the new father to Blue Ivy to pitch in with the baby. He stated: "I made sure that Jay-Z was helping Beyonce out [with the baby]. And not leaving it all with mom and the mother-in-law."


Parenting should be a joint effort. Things may never be divided exactly 50/50 between mom and dad, but it's so important for both parents, if they're around, to help out. Sure, Jay-Z is incredibly busy, but guess what? So is Beyonce. And just because Beyonce's mother is available to help out, doesn't mean everything should fall on her either. When you become a parent, you sacrifice things. And it's hard sometimes. But in the end, it's always worth it.

From what I can see through my computer, Jay-Z seems like he's doing a fantastic job as Blue Ivy's dad. Whether or not it's because of Obama's words -- who knows? But I'm sure they didn't hurt.

How do you and your partner, if they're around, split baby chores?

Image via Barack Obama/Twitter

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