Snooki's Baby Farts on TV & We Love Her Even More (VIDEO)

Snooki baby

On last night's episode of Jersey Shore After Hours, Snooki finally introduced baby Lorenzo to the world -- and let me just say that he is one seriously adorable little meatball! But what was even sweeter than seeing his little face for the first time was seeing how emotional Snooki was about being a mom.

As soon as the camera panned to her, I fully expected her to dish out some sort of comedy routine about life with a newborn, and while she did finally get to that part -- she started off by breaking down in tears over how happy she is and how wonderful her experience has been thus far with her darling new son.


Take a look at the video clip of Snooki's big reveal, and try not to get a little emotional.


Awww! Isn't she a great mom? She was definitely cut out for having kiddos -- but you have to admit, it was refreshing to see the comedy queen we all know and love make an appearance by laughing about her baby shi*&ing on her leg. (OMG -- I had the exact same thing happen with my son more times than I can count.)

And most celebrity moms would probably turn bright red if their babies farted on national television, but Snooki took it in stride, just like she does with everything else. (You gotta love her.)

One of the best qualities any mom can have is not taking motherhood too seriously, and Snooki obviously knows how to look for the joy in every single moment with her precious son.

Are you surprised at how well Snooki has adjusted to motherhood?


Image via MTV

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