Bachelorette Emily Maynard's Latest Breakup Has One Big Victim: Her Daughter

emily maynard rickiA lot of us are kind of sad that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm announced their break-up this week. But you know what? We'll be just fine. So will Emily and Jef. The person I'm more worried about at this point is Emily's young daughter, Ricki.

If there's anything you learn about dating as a single mom, it's this: Don't get your kid all tangled up with your dating life. The last thing they need is to get attached to one boyfriend only to see him disappear, then get attached to another boyfriend and watch him disappear, too. Emily may have the emotional resilience to go from one broken engagement to another, but she definitely shouldn't be putting Ricki through this! And it sounds like Jef Holm might agree that Emily's priorities are out of wack.


A source told Us Weekly that "Jef doesn't feel like she makes enough time for her daughter. He actually feels sorry for Ricki." Another person said Jef went as far as calling Emily a "bad mom." (Dude, even if it's true? Not cool.) But if mom's day job is playing a very busy bachelorette on television, I can see how a person might get that impression. Of course, it's always easy to judge someone else's parenting from the outside. And it's especially rich coming from someone who has never actually experienced parenting himself.

Of course, another source is saying Jef "has no real connection to Ricki" and "doesn't feel close to her." In that case, maybe that's a good thing? If it's true, that would make this breakup easier on Ricki, that's for sure.

At any rate, for Ricki's sake, I hope Emily eventually settles down with someone. Casually dating several different men is one thing -- and absolutely Emily's right as a single lady. But getting Serious and then Un-Serious so frequently isn't good for anyone, especially her daughter.

How do you think Ricki is feeling about her mom's breakup with Jef?


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