Kristin Cavallari Wants You to Think Having a Baby Is Hard

kristin cavallariWho would have thought that Kristin Cavallari, the hard-partying bad girl of Laguna Beach, would morph into an easy-going, reasonable mom, who has all sorts of great advice to dole out to other new moms and expecting women? Not this girl. And definitely not Stephen Colletti.

In addition to saying that, so far, motherhood has felt "very natural" to her, Kristin recently told Parenting magazine that perhaps that's because she pretty much set herself up for it to be one, giant s**t show. 


Here's what Kristin said: "I set myself up for postpartum to be incredibly difficult and thought I would be walking around like a zombie. I actually had this adrenaline the first few weeks, which made me not need much sleep. Every time I tried to nap during the day I wasn’t able to. I was surprisingly calm regarding the baby. I was expecting to be a little more neurotic and worrisome. There were difficult times, but overall I was calm and happy. It all felt very natural to me."

That right there is one of the best pieces of advice on new motherhood I think I've ever heard. Honestly. And, yes, I, too, am shocked that it's come from a girl who used to torment Lauren Conrad. I think that if you go into parenthood -- or anything for that matter -- expecting it to be hard, and exhausting, and overwhelming, you'll wind up being pleasantly surprised.

Thing is, the first few months of becoming a parent are hard, and exhausting, and overwhelming. There's really no getting around that. You're not going to get sleep, and there will be moments when you feel like you might not be able to do it. (But you will! Promise!) And these moments are only going to be made all the more difficult if you go into things assuming it's going to be a breeze. Remember, babies don't "adapt" to your lifestyle!

So, my advice to new moms out there, and women expecting? Heed Kristin's advice. Yes, the girl from Laguna Beach and The Hills. If you prepare yourself for anything to happen, you just might be surprised as to how you handle it. In a good way.

Did you go into new motherhood thinking it was going to be hard or easy?


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