Skinny Snooki Pics Remind Us That Losing Baby Weight Is No Big Deal

snooki post baby bodyAnother day, another photo of Snooki showing that she's losing the baby weight, and whoop-de-freakin'-do. Why all the fuss? This is exactly what I expected she would do. In fact, I don't understand why losing the baby weight is treated like a major Olympic event and not something that just about every healthy woman everywhere does.

Don't get me wrong -- I understand that it can be a lot of work and Snooki should be proud. But she pretty much gained an appropriate amount of weight for her pregnancy. And when you do that, you can expect that most of that weight will come off eventually, without the use of magic. It's what we do. As for those last five pounds that seem impossible to shake? No one else even notices that!


Snooki is probably losing faster because she's working with a trainer. But the truth is, once you push out that little baby, it just takes a couple of weeks to a month to lose the water weight that makes your body look totally weird immediately after. And then? The before/after difference is so dramatic no one even notices if you're still 10-15 pounds away from your pre-baby weight. You don't look pregnant anymore! That's the important thing.

Not only that, all those celebs who tweet photos of themselves are showing us their best angle in their most flattering clothes with the kindest lighting. There's a reason why we NEVER see a celeb's bare belly a month after she's given birth! They're always in black yoga pants standing at some odd angle -- they've figured out it's their "skinny" pose and they're working it. OMG! Lost ALL the Baby Weight Already?!? Nope. She's just wearing really strong elastic.

My big strategy for losing the baby weight was to stop eating ice cream every night after dinner, eat healthy, and to nurse. It still took me a good nine months to lose it all, and I was pleased as punch when I finally did it. But it wasn't a miracle or anything. We women are kind of stretchy -- at least for the first couple of babies. We gain the baby weight. We lose it. Some of us quickly, some of us more slowly. No big deal.

Were you surprised when you lost most of your baby weight, or did you expect it to come off without much trouble?


Image via Snooki/Twitter

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