Nick Lachey's Baby Name Choice Had Nothing to do With Kristin Cavallari

Nick Lachey Vanessa MinnilloWhen Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa chose their baby's name, a lot of people couldn't help but wonder if they'd "stolen" it from another celebrity new mom. Their son, Camden John, was born exactly one month ago today, on September 12th. But Kristin Cavallari welcomed her son, Camden Jack, on August 8th. Huh. It almost seems like Nick and Vanessa swiped the name right out from under Kristin's feet -- but that simply wasn't the case.

In a new interview, Nick cleared up any sort of confusion over where he and Vanessa got the inspiration for their baby's name. And actually, the way they came up with "Camden" is pretty darn clever.


They were dead set on their son having a "C" name, because they knew they wanted to be able to call him C.J. for short. (C.J. Lachey -- the kid has boy band stardom written all over him.)

They were having trouble coming to a consensus on the perfect fit, and while they were driving to the doctor's office one day, they unexpectedly found that their source of inspiration was right in front of their eyes -- literally.

One of the streets in Beverly Hills they crossed is called "Camden Way." They "fell in love with it," and decided right then and there that their baby would be named Camden. And this means they already had the name picked out well before their son was born, which means it's entirely possible that they thought of it before Kristin Cavallari did. (Or maybe she drove by that street too?)

And while not every location or street doubles as a perfect baby name, turning to your surroundings to help give you ideas is actually pretty smart. Paying close attention to landmarks, town names, street signs, and even nature could potentially help you pick a unique name you never would've thought of otherwise, and it can also make your baby's name a special memory to treasure for years to come. (But do us all a favor and refrain from calling your little one "Tree" or "Speed Bump.")

Would you name your baby after a street or town?


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