Tori Spelling's Pregnancy Complications Highlight Dangers of Placenta Previa (VIDEO)

Tori SpellingIt was pretty obvious that she's had a tough time since giving birth to baby Finn, but after hearing more about Tori Spelling's pregnancy complications and the ordeal she dealt with after her fourth child's arrival, it's both a relief and a miracle that she is going to be ok.

To be honest, I only vaguely remember her going into the hospital when she was pregnant with her son Finn. I knew she'd had a scare recently and was hospitalized after her c-section scar burst -- but I had no clue that she could've possibly lost her life (not to mention her baby) during her pregnancy.


And what blew me away even more is that the condition she suffered from, placenta previa, is apparently way more serious than I ever imagined.

About midway through her pregnancy, Tori woke up with blood running down her legs. (OMG -- she must have been terrified!) That's when she was diagnosed with placenta previa, and learned that her placenta was covering the opening of her cervix. She wound up on bed rest for four months, with the threat of having to terminate the pregnancy looming over her head the entire time. (Just awful!)

And while her story is definitely scary to anyone who hears it, her ordeal really struck a chord with me, because one of my good friends had placenta previa during her pregnancy as well. I can remember taking a walk with her one day and she told me all about it, and never for one second did I think anything remotely serious was going on. (Shame on me.) I just nodded and said something stupid like, "Oh, I'm sure everything will be just fine." If I'd had any idea how serious placenta previa can be -- I would've been WAY more understanding and empathetic.

You can hear more about Tori's big scare in this video clip. It should serve as a huge wake-up call that placenta previa should always be taken seriously, even when it seems as though everything is progressing normally.

Had you heard of placenta previa before Tori shared her story?


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