Don't Blame ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout for Her Son's Bad Behavior

maci bookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout is definitely my favorite cast member on the series. She seems to have her head on straight, she certainly loves her son Bentley, and she's a hard worker who only wants the best for her family. So when reports like this come out saying that Maci was letting Bentley run wild in a PacSun store, you gotta kind of wonder who's behind it. In this case, it's a PacSun employee who took to her Facebook page and Instagram feed to blast the MTV star, saying that she comes into the shop and "lets her son destroy everything," continuing that it's "her fault" and that she's "more worried about how other people see her than how her kid is being brought up."

OK, please. As anyone who's been around a toddler longer than half a second will tell you, it's not always Momma's fault that the little one knocked over a stack of your precious surfer tees.


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Toddlers are unpredictable little Tasmanian devils one minute, and gloriously calm snugglebunnies the next. Their mood swings are the wonders of years 2 and 3, and as Maci probably knows, there's only so much you can do.

Now, who knows what kind of destruction Bentley caused at the PacSun, but if Maci's anything in real life like she is on TV, I'm sure she was doing her best to rein him in, without restraining him, screaming, no doubt, in a stroller or something. It only takes a second to turn around to try on a pair of sunglasses for a toddler to unravel a dressing room curtain.

No matter how vigilant a parent is, those things sometimes happen. All you can do is apologize, leave red faced, and know that tomorrow will be better, no matter what you will or won't be able to control.

Has your toddler ever acted out in a store?


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