Sally Field Is the Kind of Mom Every Gay Child Deserves (VIDEO)

sally field hrc allyGuess who likes Sally Field, I mean really, really likes her? Human Rights Campaign, who just awarded the actress their Ally for Equality award. Her son, Sam Greisman, had the honor of presenting his mom with the award. And their speeches have left me bawling here at my desk, they're so beautiful.

Sam says when he came out of the closet, Sally didn't just accept him. She embraced him:

When I came out she didn't even bat an eye. In fact, she was overjoyed. Being gay was just one more thing she loved about me. She couldn't be more supportive of me.

Sam says a lot of parents of gay children could learn a lot from his mother. He mentions the "It Gets Better" video campaign and says that in his home, "My mom made it better." And as if this weren't already turning into a five-hanky Sally Field moment, Sally's acceptance speech will just leave you, well, speechless.


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Sally is pretty much the mom any gay boy would want for his mother -- and not just because she's a major gay icon! Listening to her talk made me think about my own role as a parent. My son is too young to have any kind of sexual orientation -- but whatever he is, this is the kind of relationship I want to have with him. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Sally's speech.

(Sam's) journey to allow himself to be what nature intended him to be was not an easy one. As his mother, I consider it one of the great privileges of my life to be allowed to be part of it ...

It was his (road) to travel, not mine. I had to wait for him to own himself, in his own time. I could make it easier only by standing visibly to the side, clearly loving him and always always being there, even if it was just on the phone, at all times of the day or night ...

He had to see that all the things that he wanted in life were still possible, whether he was gay or straight ...

There comes a time when parents must listen and learn from these people they brought into the world, their children. These children have something important to teach their parents. I urge them to listen ...

You've changed and are changing the lives of little boys and girls who realize somewhere along the way that they're just different from all their other brothers and sisters -- and so the fuck what!

A mother is not someone you lean on. A mother is someone who makes leaning unnecessary.

What do you think of Sam Greisman's and Sally Field's speeches and what they say about parenting?


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