Teresa Giudice Should Quit 'RHONJ' for Her Daughters' Sake

Teresa and Joe GiudiceThere are plenty of reasons Teresa Giudice should consider leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not the least of which being to save any last shred of dignity she may have. There's one reason, however, that's so compelling and so heartbreaking that should have her saying a swift adieu to the drama without a second thought -- her daughters.

Not that anyone ever thought being Teresa Giudice's daughter would be easy, but a new report that 11-year-old Gia Giudice is being bullied at school because of her mother's behavior shows just how bad it's gotten. Gia's interactions with fans on Twitter and her Tumblr account also show just how enmeshed in the whole mess this young girl has become, and it's time the Giudices do the right thing and put an end to it all.

However, a source told Radar Online that Teresa has no intention of giving up her fame because of her daughter's pain.


Teresa doesn't care about anything but the fame. The show has been greatly effecting (sic) her daughter Gia at school. She's being teased by the other kids and Teresa even had to go to the school to meet with teachers about it.

That would be enough for most people to walk away and never look back, but not Teresa. And yes it's a "source" making these claims so you can only put so much credit in those reports usually, but seeing what we see on television each week, it certainly rings true. And it's sad.

Plenty of children are raised in the spotlight with parents who are famous actors and actresses, musicians, and other celebrities, and they too inherit plenty of their parents' public baggage. But reality television has got to be even tougher to handle in many ways because it's supposedly your "real" life that's being shown week after week. And with parents like Joe and Teresa who have built their reputation on insanity, it's unimaginable to be a child dealing with that. Even if the other 11-year-olds aren't avid Bravo watchers, there's enough buzz about the show and fodder in the tabloids to give kids plenty of ammunition.

We can only hope that her daughter's pain will be the wake up Teresa needs to realize it's time walk away and try to do what's best for Gia and her other daughters. Her 15 minutes of fame have long since expired anyway. But my guess is she'll just laugh it off, deny it's a problem, and somehow blame it all on Melissa Gorga ... like she does everything else.

Do you think Teresa Giudice should quit Real Housewives for her daughters' sake?


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