Kate Middleton Gives Reese Witherspoon a Baby Gift Even Though She Barely Knows Her

reese witherspoon kate middletonRemember that time Reese Witherspoon and Kate Middleton met and Reese was all googly-eyed because, dude, she was standing in front of a princess?! That was cool.

Ooh, and hey, remember that time that Reese Witherspoon had a baby and named him Tennessee James and Kate Middleton -- the Duchess of Cambridge -- sent her an adorable baby gift? Talk about an auspicious colliding of two celebs if there ever was one! This is the stuff tabloid dreams are made of.

Yes, according to what might be the truth or a rumor from Star magazine, Reese received a sweet Union Jack onesie from Kate Middleton as a congratulatory gift for her new baby boy. Cute! But, if it is true, is it weird? The Duchess and Reese have only met once. Did Kate really have to buy her a gift?


The way I see it, no, of course she didn't have to buy her a gift; but it definitely isn't weird if she did. Something I've realized over the years is there are two kinds of people: Baby gift givers and non-baby gift givers. Or people who turn into baby gift givers after they have a child of their own, like I did.

And I'm not talking about people who buy gifts for their family members or really close friends here -- I think most people do that. I'm talking about the random gift givers. The neighbors, the grandparents' friends, the distant, distant cousins. I feel like I'm not doing a great job explaining here, so let me try to break things down with an example.

After I had my daughter, I received a few very kind gifts from people I never expected in a million years to get gifts from. But that was them. That was their style. Neighbors who just moved into my building -- people I had only met about three times -- bought my baby an adorable onesie. And a few people my husband worked with gave us things like rattles and teething toys. It was all very nice. And totally not necessary. But that's the kind of people they are, a bit traditional perhaps. Gift givers.

So, maybe Kate's a baby gift giver. Even though she and Reese aren't out yucking it up around town like a couple of gals from Sex and the City, she wanted to show Reese that she was thinking about her. She wanted to say congrats.

And I think that's incredibly sweet and thoughtful of her. And I'm sure Reese appreciated it very much. I mean, you see the photo of the two of them, right?

Are you the kind of person who buys baby gifts for people you're not super close with?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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