Snooki to Design Maternity Line & We Pump Our Fists

SnookiYou know what the world doesn't have enough of? Leopard print, club-worthy maternity clothes. Fear not though, because that's all about to change as Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, is going to launch her own maternity line. Can I get a fist pump?

She revealed her plans via Twitter. When a fan asked, "Can you make a cute clothing line of maternity clothes so when I’m preggers I can still look good?” Snooks tweeted back, "Workin on it!" So it's pretty much official.


It's not shocking as Snooki is nothing if not aggressive when it comes to pursuing product lines. From baby shoes and slippers to eyeglasses and drinks, she's cashing in on her fame like a Kardshian. Good for her. And did you catch that little bit of foreshadowing during the season premiere of Jersey Shore when she complained to JWOWW about how difficult it is to find cute maternity clothes? Smart girl.

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And she's right. While we've come a long way in that area -- or so says my mom and others whose only options were mu mus -- there's still plenty of room for more options. Snooki herself didn't even wear maternity clothes during her entire pregnancy, she just wore big clothing, styles with empire waists, and loose-fitting tops. It worked for her, but how much better for the other pregnant guidettes of the world if they have attire made especially for them.

While her loud style may not be for everyone, it's nice to know that if during your pregnancy you suddenly feel a need to sport some pleather jeggings and a matching leopard print ensemble and bow for your hair, there will soon be some to be had.

Are you glad to learn Snooki is going to launch a line of maternity clothes?


Image via ChicagoPhotoShop/Flickr

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