The 12 Most Popular Celeb Baby Names Will Give You Great Ideas

blue ivyThanks to Kourtney Kardashian's ridiculously adorable son, I think most of us know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who has a baby named Mason. Or perhaps you roll in a quirkier circle and know someone who's named their baby Blue, thanks to Beyonce. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is -- celebrities, and all their infinite wisdom, have an influence on baby names. Or, more specifically, celebrity babies have an influence on baby names.

I present to you, friend, the 12 most influential celeb baby names. Some will surprise you; some you won't bat an eyelash at (see above); and some just might give you some good ideas.


The Top 12 Most Influential Celebrity Baby Names:

1. Ivy (as in Blue Ivy)

2. Hattie (Tori Spelling's daughter)

3. Emery (Angie Harmon's daughter)

4. Flynn (Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's son)

5. Levi (Matthew McConaughey's son)

6. Valentino (Ricky Martin's son)

7. Pearl (Maya Rudolph's daughter)

8. Harlow (Nicole Richie's daughter)

9. Roman (Cate Blanchett's and Debra Messing's sons)

10. Vivienne (Brad and Angie's daughter)

11. Weston (Jenna Fischer's son)

12. Athena (Tina Fey's daughter's MIDDLE name)

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Cute! I think all these names are beautiful, and I'd certainly consider any of them for a child of my own (or at least as a middle name). Except I wouldn't. Because, I don't know, I feel a little funny giving my kid a "celebrity baby name."

Well, let me clarify. I'd feel a little funny giving my kid a "super unusual baby name." Like, for me, Blue's off-limits. I actually think it's a great name, but it's kind of like Beyonce and Jay-Z's name. Vivienne, on the other hand, is more common. It's not like Brad and Ang invented it or anything. You know what I'm saying? Am I making any sense?

Side note, I'm convinced that celebs have people helping them come up with baby names. How else do they always come up with such cute and original names? Or are they all really just innately cool?

Deep thoughts.

Would you give your kid a "celeb baby name"?

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