Kendra Wilkinson's Son Passes Out & All Toddler Moms Should Beware

hank bassett jrAny mom who knows what it's like to chase after an endlessly energetic toddler can relate to the scare Kendra Wilkinson had last week: After a long day of running around the house like a wild man, her 2-year-old son, Hank Baskett Jr., passed out. Yikes! Don't worry, the little guy is okay -- in fact, he was already coming around by the time police and firefighters (called by Kendra) showed up at her L.A. home. Of course they took Hank Jr. to the hospital just to be safe, and that's where doctors told Wilkinson that Hank "suffered loss of consciousness due to overheating," which is apparently "pretty common in children, especially in hot weather."

Of course it's common! Toddlers just don't stop. Ever. My grandmother used to call little kids "perpetual motion," and that basically sums it up -- the average 2-year-old boy will keep on going and going and going until he falls asleep face-first in his dinner or, like Hank Jr., just passes out.


So how do you convince a toddler to take a break before he pushes himself too far? Well, I'm no expert, but I have been through this phase with my own two kids (years later, I'm still exhausted), and I can tell you a few tricks that worked for me. Sometimes.

1. Put on his favorite TV show. I know the amount of TV little ones should be allowed to watch is a matter of heated debate, but I also know that even the most wound up tot will actually sit down in one place to watch Thomas the Tank Engine.

2. Shove a sippy cup of cold water in his hands every 15 minutes or so. If he won't stay still, at least he can stay hydrated.

3. Read a stack of his favorite books. This isn't always as immediately appealing as TV, but throw a few animal crackers into the mix and you might get his attention.

How do you get your busy toddler to take a break?

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