Jennifer Garner's Most Recent Baby 'Put Her Over the Edge' -- Duh, 3 Kids Is Insane

jennifer garnerThe impossible-not-to-like Jennifer Garner was on Conan the other night and she admitted something that most moms with more than two kids had to have thought at one point or another in their lives. Garner said that the birth of son Samuel in February "put her over the edge." She stated: "We wanted a third and we had a third, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. But, you know how two feels like six? Three just put me right over the edge!" She then joked: "I was going up to anyone on the street saying, 'Would you please come work at my house? Would you please come help me? Just take a child. Do something.'"

And who can blame the woman? Three kids sounds insane! I can barely imagine having two! Three? No, definitely not three.


Right now, my daughter is at the point where she's getting easy. Well, easier. She sleeps through the night. I have a general idea of what her cries mean. And I'm finally not lying in bed at night, wondering whether or not she's happy. When I started thinking about kids, I decided that I wanted more than one. I, after all, have a sister and enjoy that relationship very much. But it wasn't until recently that I could even fathom having another child inhabiting my house (or my womb!).

I'd like another kid. At some point. Definitely not now, but at some point. And after that, I am done, thankyouverymuch. I love being a mom, and adore children, but three kids just might make my head explode. Or implode. There would definitely be some kind of "ploding" going on.

I feel like two kids, although extremely hectic, I could manage. It would take some time, but I think I'd finally be able to get into a groove, where I had both handled. But throwing a third child into the mix would send me over the edge too, Jen. And what would my family do when we wanted to ride rollercoasters at amusement parks? Who would go alone?

So, for all you moms out there who have more than one kid -- respect. I'm just starting to get the hang of a singleton. Two still sounds a little crazy to me. And more than that sounds almost impossible!

How many kids do you have and how do you do it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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