Amber Portwood's Daughter Needs to Know Mom's in Jail (VIDEO)

amber portwoodIt's been months since Teen Mom Amber Portwood checked herself into jail, but baby-daddy Gary Shirley still hasn't told their daughter Leah where Mommy really is. "I haven't been able to say, 'Mommy's in jail.' When I tried to tell her ... she got upset," Gary says. He's been fibbing instead, telling Leah, "Mommy's at work" or on vacation.

This means Leah hasn't seen her mom since she left for prison. Gary also hasn't gotten around to arranging for Leah to visit her mother. You see, there's all this paperwork you have to do, like finding Leah's birth certificate ... SIGH. Oh Gary!

I feel for the guy, but he needs to get it together. Gary can't hide Amber and jail from Leah forever.


It does sound awful for Gary, though. And it's not fair that he has to be the one to give Leah the bad news. Leah does need to see her mama, though. In the long run it's going to be better for her to know what's going on -- at least at a level that a small child can understand.

If Gary feels overwhelmed by the task, he could ask for help. There are child specialists who could sit down with him and talk him through the best strategy for handling all of this with Leah. He doesn't have to blurt out, "Mommy's in jail!" And it doesn't have to mean that Amber is a bad person. It means she's having trouble and is getting the help that she needs the best way she can.

Anyway, all of this will play out an upcoming "Amber's Behind Bars" special. I hope by the end Gary has figured out how to bridge the gap between Leah and her mother. I believe in Gary. I think deep inside he'll find the strength to do what he knows he needs to do.


How much do you think Gary should tell Leah about why Amber is in jail?

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