J. Lo's 4-Year-Old Daughter Wears Chanel Accessories Worth Over $2K -- Big Whoop

j. lo and daughter emmeJennifer Lopez sat front row at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show in Paris yesterday (you know, the show with the crazy hula hoop bag?), but people aren't talking about how great she looks in gorgeous designer clothes ... no. They're talking about J. Lo's 4-year-old daughter, Emme's Chanel outfit. The little one may have been squirming the entire time and looked over-ready to leave, but the girl knows how to dress to impress.

No doubt keenly aware that she and Mommy were going to have a fabulously fashionable day, Emme wore $2,400 worth of Chanel accessories for the occasion. Yes, that's two-thousand, four-hundred.


Is Emme trying to make a play for most stylish celeb spawn now that Suri Cruise is going to be relegated to a private school uniform? Is she just overly spoiled and gets every shiny thing she wants? Did she ask Daddy for her first Chanely at age 3?

Probably not. I'd venture to guess that like most little girls her age, Emme just wants to be like her mom. She wants to wear clothes like Mommy, eat big girl meals like Mommy, sleep next to Mommy, hold Mommy's hand, cuddle with Mommy, run errands with Mommy, and even hang on the doorknob of the bathroom that Mommy's in. Point is, most 4-year-olds live and breathe for their mothers, and I'm sure Emme's just the same.

It's only because her mom is J. Lo that makes Emme any different from your average toddler. Being like Mommy means wearing a $2,100 Chanel purse and $300 Chanel brooch. It's likely J. Lo had those items lying around, and if she didn't and she did, in fact, pick them out specifically for her young daughter, that's just the world J. Lo and Emme live in, and I think it's totally fine.

Emme looked adorable in her Chanel, if not just a little bit sleepy.

What do you think of Emme wearing $2,400 in accessories?


Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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