Shakira Should Totally Choose One of These Lovely Latin Baby Names

shakiraRemember when we told you about Shakira and how she's expecting her first baby with boyfriend Gerard Pique? Well, hips aren't the only thing that don't lie ... sonograms don't (usually) lie, either!

So Shakira can totally go ahead and decorate the nursery, because she had that magical sex-determining sonogram, and guess what?


Shakira is having ... a baby ... BOY! Shakira is having a baby boy! Aww, he's gonna be soooo cute!! Not to mention a great dancer. Of course, the question remains ... what should Shakira name her little guy?

Something Latino, perhaps? Beginning with the letter "S," naturally. A few of our faves:

1. Sergio

2. Silvio

3. Santiago

4. Salvador

5. Sebastián

6. Salomón

7. Stefano

8. Santos

Can't wait to see this gorgeous guy!

What do you think Shakira should name her baby boy?



Image via oouinouin/Flickr

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