Kristin Cavallari's Baby Is Way Too Young to Fly

Kristin CavallariI know she's a celebrity mom and celebrity moms tend to be jet-setters who hop back and forth between the west and east coasts, but after seeing photos of Kristin Cavallari going through airport security with newborn son, Camden, at LAX to hop a flight to New York -- I couldn't help but blurt out, "What the hell is she thinking?"

I mean, she has to be either out of her mind, totally clueless, or one of those moms who simply doesn't let anything rattle her. Camden was born on August 8, which means he isn't even 2 months old yet. And call me crazy, but I always assumed it was common knowledge that you aren't supposed to fly with babies that young. (Does she have any understanding of how many millions of germs are floating around in airports and on planes?!?)


When I had my son, we were living out in Denver and my family was in Florida, and my pediatrician strongly advised us not to travel with him until he was at least 3 months old -- and even that was pushing it a bit. He explained that taking a new baby into a environment that has thousands of people coming in and out on any given day is a really, really bad idea -- and putting them on a plane, which is basically a confined tube filled with other people's disgusting-ness, is even worse.

And since babies under 3 months haven't had all of the vaccines they need to fight off communicable diseases, air travel just isn't worth the risk. We wound up waiting until our son was about 4 months old to take our first flight to Florida -- and even then, I was nervous every single time someone sneezed or coughed on the plane.

I'm not suggesting that Kristin is a bad mother or anything that harsh, but she did appear to be making a huge new mom mistake by putting her precious little guy on a cross-country flight to NYC this early in the game. I wonder if her doctor even informed her of the risks associated with flying with a small baby? And if for some reason she did get the all-clear to travel with Camden, what was going on in New York that is so important for her to be there that she couldn't postpone her trip for another month or so?

Your baby's health and safety isn't something you can afford to mess with -- even if you're sitting in a big, fancy seat in first class. Last I heard, germs on airplanes don't tend to discriminate.

How old was your baby when you first took an airplane trip?


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