Kristin Cavallari Only Wants Another Kid Because Her Baby Doesn't Cry

kristin cavallariNew mom Kristin Cavallari wants another baby soon. Why? Her almost-2-moth-old son Camden Jack is a gorgeous angel who doesn't cry, already sleeps through the night, and was born toilet trained. Okay, I'm being hyperbolic (IE lying), but the Laguna Beach star did just make the following statement to People: "We’re talking about having another baby soon. We want kids close in age. Jay wants four so we’d love to have two closer in age, take a little break, then have two more."

... Which leads me to believe her son is one easy baby. Because only people with easy babies talk about wanting another one right away.


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When my husband and I started giving serious thought to having a child, we always assumed we'd have more than one. But when the first few weeks of our daughter's life proved themselves to be damn-near impossible, I thought to myself, "Oh helllll no." I couldn't imagine having another baby at that point. Fresh off of being pregnant, exhausted from no sleep, boobs killing me, ears ringing from constant crying, it seemed like an insane thing to do again. But then when things got easier, I thought, "Of course I want another baby! How could I have ever thought otherwise?"

I have friends, though, who, right away, couldn't wait to have another baby. At six weeks, they were saying things like, "Yeah, I'd have another one right now, if I could." And I think it's because, at that point, their experience as parent was overall very pleasant, and they were blessed with "easy" babies. Of course, I've also heard their stories change, depending on the kind of day they're having.

If I've learned anything from being a mom thus far, it's that every day is different. What you think one day most likely will change the next. Like I said, in the first few weeks of my baby's life, I couldn't imagine having another one. Now? Bring it on! (Well, don't bring it on just yet.) If you're one of those lucky people blessed with a seriously low-maintenance baby, enjoy it. Because odd are, it'll change any day. And then your story may, too.

Did you want another baby right after your first?

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