Suri Cruise's Phone Call Overheard: 10 Things She Said

katie holmes suri cruiseKatie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise were just having an average Wednesday in New York City, running some errands and whatnot, when Suri's cell rang. Not one to miss a call, the precocious 6-year-old hopped on the phone while a despondent Katie looked around, waiting, once again, for her daughter to wrap it up.

Sources say Suri was on the horn for a good 20 minutes or so with her mystery conversationalist, and while no one really knows what she was saying or who she was talking to, well, I think I have an idea.

Here are 10 things Suri definitely said.

  • "Siri, it's Suri. No, Siri, Suri. OK, Siri, it's Suri. Suri. Suri. Are you effing kidding me, phone? SIRI IT'S SURI. SURI. SURI. SIRI. SURI. I can't."
  • "Please, Tom, I don't even consider her competition. Anyone with a name like Apple is gonna end up spending her mornings cleaning tequila out of her bellybutton."
  • "Can you repeat that? I can't hear you over my mom's poncho sweater and nail-head jeans."
  • "I told Maddox to go eff himself, I'm not selling off any of my Apple stock."
  • "So Anna says to me, 'Pink and red, Suri?' and I replied, 'Same haircut for 97 years, Anna?' What a bitch."
  • "The bottom line is, if you can't get me into the Frankenweenie premiere, I'll find someone who can."
  • "Hey Gayle. Tell Oprah I'm ready for my one on one. Katie's been calling her Dawson's friends ... I know."
  • "I don't care if the guy from Breaking Bad is in the commercial. Ciroc is urban vodka."
  • "Yeah? Well you tell Lohan there's a new sheriff in town."
  • "Hey Tom. Yeah, I'm gonna need that chopper out here, ASAP. Katie's mentioned something about having a 'girls' night' with me and, well, frankly, I'd rather light myself on fire."

So, what do you think Suri's saying?


Photo via Splash News

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