Kristin Cavallari's Photos of Camden Jack Show His Multiple Personalities (PHOTOS)

camden jackEveryone, get ready for some cuteness overload: Kristin Cavallari just tweeted pictures of her baby, Camden Jack. And they've got us squealing with glee. What an adorable little peanut! First is this bright-eyed pic here with Camden in a little Burberry suit with a matching hat. 

Don't you love that look -- that "hello world!" expression? That has to be one of my favorite baby faces. He's just taking it all in, calm and alert, not the least bit fussy. It just makes you want to scoop him up and make crazy goo-goo noises. Hello little monkey! Whatcha lookin' at, huh? What's the world saying Cam Man -- oh, excuse me! I got a little carried away. 

But that's just one of the pictures -- take a look at this next one.






camden jack

Aww, I love this even more. SLEEPING! I feel like high-fiving someone. I confess, I think I always found my son most adorable when he was asleep. That's when you feel the most love, isn't it? When everyone's relaxed. Like, extremely relaxed.

Check out Camden's adorable Bears onesie. He must have zonked out after rooting for his daddy, Jay Cutler's team. The photo was taken Sunday right after the game, apparently. "He's so excited about this win he can't contain himself," proud Mama tweeted. And check out that hair! Without his hat we get to see Camden already has a nice head of dark brown hair. More pictures of this little guy, please!

What are your favorite baby expressions?


Images via @KristinCavallari/Twitter

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